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Delicious Cake



 30 min        4 persons     choco fantasy

· 300g of high chocolate  
  cocoa chocolate
· 200ml of sweet sour cream
· 4 eggs (separate egg  whites
 and egg yolks)
· 4 tablespoons of sugar (add
  brown and you will get
  amazing smack)
· 2 vanilla sugar
· Tartufi SR Raspberry, black
  truffle and pepper
· some milk and a piece  of
  butter to melt the  chocolate
In a bowl placed over a pot of boiling water, melt the chocolate and butter softly, then remove from the heat. In another bowl mix the sweet sour cream to thicken a little, but not too much. Add the brown and vanilla sugar, stirring until it is firm so that when you turn the bowl upside down, the egg whites do not fall out. 
Finally  combine all the     cooled ingredients and serve    with ou Raspberry, black truffle and pepper dresing.              

When you want something sweet, fluffy and made of chocolate...

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