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Chicken Breast




  30 min       4 persons     healthy meal


· 500g turkey white meat

· 400g fresh champignons

· 80g butter

· 30ml Tartufi SR Olive Oil

  with the black   truffle


· Tartufi SR Sea Salt with

  black truffle

· Tartufi SR Apricot and

  black truffle

· Tartufi SR Goat Cheese  

  with black truffle

· small amount of fresh  


· pepper 


Sprinkle the turkey white meat with salt and pepper and then fry it on the heated butter and Olive Oil with the black truffle taste. In another pan also braise the chopped fresh champgnons. At the very end, chop the Goat Cheese with  black truffles and pour over Apricot jam with black truffles. Serve it while warm with the grilled polenta and green salad as a side dish.

Salty and sweet? Oh, yes… and how. This recipe will convince you

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Kajsija crni tartuf.jpg
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