35 min         4 persons     easy to make



· 1kg muscat pumpkin

· 40ml Tartufi SR Olive Oil with

  white truffle   flavor

· Tartufi SR Sea Salt with black


· a bit of pepper

· a bit of chopped parsley

· 1 leaf laurel

· 30g buttercup pumpkin

· 100ml sour cream



Cut the muscat pumpkin into cubes and shortly bake on Olive Oil with the white truffle flavor.    When the pumpkin is a bit softened pour the water, but only to cover the pumpkin.             Add the Sea Salt with black truffle, pepper and one laurel leaf.  Cook the pumpkin for             10 – 15 minutes, then take the laurel out and mix the rest with the stick blender. Serve the broth in small bowls, add sour cream, baked buttercup pumpkin seeds und chopped parsley. If you would like a lenten pumpkin broth, just leave the sour cream out.

A creamy pleasure you can’t resist...