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60 min             20 scoops     premium ice cream
· 8 eggs
· 10g sharp flour
· 1l milk
· 100g margarine
· 550g granulated sugar
· 1 vanilla stick
· Tartufi SR Strawberry and
  black truffle
· 2 smaller Tartufi SR black


Beat the egg yolks with 250g of granulated sugar and add the flour. Thin this mass with a bit of cold milk and then pour it in 1l of cooked milk. Stir it over and over until the mass becomes thick and equable. Take the bowl off the fire and add the margarine. Stir until it cools off. Beat the egg whites with 300g of granulated sugar and vanilla. Mix the both masses together in order to get one completely equaled mass, add grated black truffle and pour in the bowl. After that, put it in the freezer. Stir the ice cream a few times while it is cooling off. Serve this wonderful homemade ice cream in smaller bowls and sprinkle it with Strawberry jam and black truffle.

Surprise your family members with this fast and yummy treat in the summer days....

Kajsija crni tartuf.jpg
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