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Black summer truffle

Tuber Aestivum 

Black Soil

The black summer truffle is gathered from

May to November.

This mushroom is spreaded across whole Serbia and belongs to the most spreaded

kind of truffles. Its crust is black with warts on it and the section is white with brown spores.

It can be found across the valley forests, through the mountain belt and up to

the beech-tree area. The plants suitable to make the mycorrhiza with are all kinds of oaks, hornbeams, hazels, poplars, limetrees..

You can keep the fresh truffles in two ways:



1) Fill about 50% of a glass jar with rice and then put the fresh truffles in it. If truffles were healthy, they will stay fresh for about 7 to 10 days this way. Keep the jar in the fridge. Also, the rice takes aroma from truffles and it can be also used for a dish.

2) Wrap the cleaned truffles one by one in a napkin and then put them in a glass jar. The jar mustn’t be filled to the top, there should be about 30% of the space left. The napkins should be changed every day. The truffles stay fresh up to 10 days this way.

Keep the jar in the fridge.

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