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15 MIN



  • 4 tortillas

  • 600 g chicken breast fillet

  • 100 g arugula

  • 2 tomatoes

  • 50 g olives

  • 100 g TARTUFI SR Black truffle hummus

  • TARTUFI SR Black truffle sea salt

  • TARTUFI SR Black truffle olive oil

  • pepper



Pour a little TARTUFI SR olive oil with black truffle flavor into the pan, fry the chicken cut into pieces, and season with pepper and TARTUFI SR sea salt with black truffles. Fry the tortillas for about 10 seconds on both sides. Then spread the tortillas with TARTUFI SR hummus black truffle, arrange the chicken, a little arugula, and tomatoes, and put in some olives. Wrap and your tortilla is ready to be served and enjoyed.


Have a nice meal!

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