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Do you know that Serbia is rich in truffles? It is, actually, one of the biggest regions where truffles grow.
White truffle is the rarest and the most appreciated mushroom in the world. This culinary diamond has the most specific aroma among the truffles: unique, intense, and authentic. Its limited availability and supply make this forest treasure the most expensive truffle in the world with a price that can go up to 7000€ per kg. It is harvested between January and October and can be found weighing from 2g to 1.5kg. 
White truffle is thought to be the rarest and the most appreciated mushroom because it grows in limited climate conditions from the roots of certain trees. It makes a symbiosis with only a few types of trees, sharing the nutritive substances that are beneficial for both the tree and the truffle. Tuber Magnatum is exceptional thanks to its rarity and appearance, aroma, and taste.
Unlike other truffles, the white truffle is light yellow or even ocher skin. Inside it looks like marble. The shape can vary a lot: rounded, elongated, flattened, with hollows and protrusions, depending on the soil on which it grows. The soil that has a great amount of rocks will make a truffle rounded, but irregular in shape, with ridges and compression zones.

The one growing on homogeneous soils will have a more regular shape. 

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Black truffles are also known as black diamonds because they are so rare.

They have a specific aroma and distinguished culinary value.

Their shape is irregular, black colored and dark marble when cut inside. It can be dark brown or black depending on how ripe they are.

Sometimes they grow in symbiosis with the roots of trees, especially oak, hazel, and other deciduous trees. For locating the truffles we use trained dogs because they have a good sense of smell that can easily feel specific truffle scent.

Serbia is rich in truffles, especially black summer truffles that are harvested from May to November. Šumadija is the number one region for truffles in Serbia, but they can be found in the north and south of the country. It is one of the most common types of truffles and can be found everywhere from forests and hills to beech trees. Black truffle has a rich aroma that resembles earth and nuts. Its complex aroma suits a sophisticated mouth.

They are luxurious because they are rare and unique, but they also have health benefits. Ancient Greeks believed that truffles could cure diseases.




How to keep truffles fresh

1. Pour rice into a glass jar to occupy half of the space and put fresh truffles in it. If the truffles are fine, they can be stored this way for 7 to 10 days. The jar should be stored in the refrigerator. The rice will absorb the aroma of the truffles and can be used for a meal.

2. Put the cleaned truffles in a napkin individually and then put them in a jar. The jar must not be filled to the top, it must remain 30% empty. You should change napkins every day. This way, the truffles will be fresh for up to 10 days, and the jar must be kept in the refrigerator.



Our loyal collaborators are the dogs, Lagotto Romagnolo breed. They are characterized by exceptional
intelligence, loyalty, readiness for adventure, and therefore ready for truffle hunting, too.  Forest is their natural environment and their playground. Every found truffle is like a medal for a successful adventure.

Apart from their exceptional value, truffles are also useful for our health. A low level of fat, a good source of protein and vitamins provide multiple benefits for our health. It contains all the essential amino acids for a healthy diet. Eating white truffles strengthens the body, restores gray brain cells, and reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

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