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Truffles Serbia


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why truffles?

Why truffles? The benefits of the truffles are low fat level, good source of vitamins B,D and C, good source of proteins, good for patients with diabetes, it decreases cholesterol level, helps with digestion, helps with proper kidnez function, it decreases the chance of developing the cardiovascular diseases, stroke, heart diseases. It's great aphrodisiac.


my story

You often ask me how I got into the truffle business.

I will try to explain this way.


My dad's been a truffle hunter for 20 years.  I grew up with them and saw what was happening in the market.  A large quantity of truffles comes from Serbia and is declared as Italian, Istrian, French etc. And I wanted to change that from a young age.  During my studies I was 4 years in the USA (2 years in New York and 2 years in New Jersey). That period of life was invaluable to my maturation, acquisition of new knowledge and skills.  


After completing my master's degree, the US Embassy canceled my work visa, on the grounds that I no longer had a strong relationship with Serbia and that I had to leave the US.  That was a hard blow for me.

I am going back to Serbia and thinking about what I could do with leaving a mark in this society and doing something good for Serbia.  I begin to research the market and come to the conclusion that in Serbia no one deals with the sale and production of truffle products transparently, this is at a very low level with us.  I invest in business all the money I have made in America, raise credit, and embark on an adventure. It was very difficult at first, fighting with windmills.  Many challenging days, doubts ...

However, when you have a vision, you believe in something, you give yourself 100% to every part of the business, success is guaranteed.  


I am proud of our products, the production I own. “We export Serbian truffles and Serbian products across the globe. Production is growing every day thanks to constant investment.  


Find your purpose, give your maximum and your life will be perfect.





Thank you for being part of our story and for believing in our brand!

our products found their way to the world destination
















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