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40 MIN



  • 400 g pasta

  • 80 g butter

  • 400 g seafood

  • pepper

  • parsley

  • TARTUFI SR Black truffle sea salt

  • 80 g TARTUFI SR Black truffle tartufata

  • TARTUFI SR Black truffle olive oil

  • 8 leaves of fresh TARTUFI SR Black truffles

While the pasta is cooking, fry the seafood in the heated butter. Then add pepper, TARTUFI SR sea salt with black truffle, and finely chopped parsley. When the seafood is ready, add one ladle of pasta water and TARTUFI SR black truffle. Strain the finished pasta and add it to the sauce. Serve the dish with freshly grated TARTUFI SR black truffle leaves and a few drops of TARTUFI SR olive oil with black truffle flavor.

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