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40 MIN



  • 400 g chicken breast fillet

  • 2 apples

  • 200 g arugula

  • 200 g carrots

  • 200 g corn salad

  • pepper

  • TARTUFI SR Black truffle sea salt

  • 30 ml TARTUFI SR Black truffle olive oil spray

  • 20 ml TARTUFI SR Modena white truffle balsamico spray

  • 30 ml TARTUFI SR White truffle olive oil

Cut the chicken fillet into thin slices, add pepper, TARTUFFI SR sea salt with black truffles, and bake.
While the meat is cooling, cut the apples into slices and grate the carrots. When the meat has cooled,
mix all the ingredients, pour over TARTUFI SR olive oil with black truffle spray and TARTUFI SR balsamic
wine vinegar from Modena with white truffles. If you want a more intense taste, instead of TARTUFI SR
olive oil with black truffles, use TARTUFI SR olive oil with white truffle flavor.


Bon Appetit!

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